Donate to Project 7B

Donate today to support land use planning based on locally shared values and aspirations. Funds are needed more than ever:

– To support our mission to educate and involve people in land use planning, which is more important now more than ever because of the intense growth pressures we are facing;
– To help us cover the costs of public records requests and fees related to holding public officials accountable for decisions that don’t follow the county land use code or comprehensive land use plan;
– To continue to bringing information to the public. We have one part-time staff person who helps us with research and communications. We need funding to support this work;
– To advocate for advocate for transparent land use planning and processes. The county is about to rewrite the comprehensive land use plan – the blueprint for how our county is to grow. It’s important that we have adequate funding so we can make sure the public interests are heard and honored during this process.